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Project title: Strategic partnership for supporting Blue Growth by enhancing Maritime Higher Education maritime cooperation framework on marine pollution and environment protection field (BLUE4SEA)

Project duration: 2020.09.01-2022.08.31

Budget:  194.930.00 EUR

Project aims: to build a strategic partnership between five maritime academic institutions “to bridge” the Baltic, Black, and Mediterranean Seas.

BLUE4SEAS will facilitate the use of the digital technologies and of innovative and open pedagogies in MHEI through a virtual online training platform (VOTP) on the environmentally friendly maritime shipping industry, as an open-source. The innovative educational resources and training facilities developed could be shared as a pilot module to other interested MHEI.

Partners:  Mircea cel Batran Nvala Academy (Romania), Piri Reis university (Turkey), Liubliana university (Slovenia), National Maritme School (France).