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Project title: Practical and Comunication based Maritime English (PraC-MARENG)

No.: 2019-1-FR01-KA202-063164 Project duration: 2019-11-01/2021-10-31

Budget: 258 940.00 EUR

Project aims to:

1. Identify the activities and tasks specific to each type of vessels that seafarers undertake on a daily basis

2. Develop an online Training programme for each ranks therefore they can access to this real activities and tasks on board various type of vessels which incorporates latest technologies in the maritime sector

3. Design and develop a learning and assessment tool that provides the user with a genuine certificate for the newly acquired skills based on experiential knowledge.

Partners: LAM (France), Spinaker (Slovenia), Maritime Innovators (Turkey) Tuzla Kaymakamlıg (Turkey), Constanta Maritime University (Romania).