Lietuvos aukštoji jūreivystės mokykla LAJM: studijos Klaipėdoje - GENERAL INFORMATION



For the providing of the  studies are responsible 3 departments in the LMA:

  • Navigation Department;
  • Maritime Engineering Department;
  • Port Economics and Management.

Studies are organized in modern classes and laboratories. Practical  classes take place in newly installed or renewed simulators

Classes are held by experienced lecturers  - professional seafarers, educators and researchers. 

Practical training are an integral part of the studies, and students accomplish introductory, training and professional activity practices (apprenticeships).

During studies, students have opportunities to study abroad for a limited period of time according to international exchange programmes in European universities and have their apprenticeships in foreign enterprises. More about Erasmus+  

Studies can be full-time (day time schedule or session schedule) and part-time or by individual schedule by request of student. 
The duration of full-time studies is 3–4 years. Part-time studies are less intensive, therefore their duration can be 1.5 times longer than full-time studies and provide an exceptional opportunity to acquire higher education by combining professional activity and  studies.