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Lithuania and the Finnish maritime industry are related by close export cooperation, and the Port of Turku is an important strategic partner for the port of Klaipeda and for the operating business here. The Lithuanian maritime cluster community was invited to meet with representatives of Finnish maritime business and science, where on 4th April 2022 the Head of the International Relations Department dr. Simona Briediene from Lithuanian Maritime Academy attended as well.

The European Maritime Hotspots project was presented to the participants of the event, within the framework of which the aim is to strengthen cooperation between the most important regions of the European maritime industry. Possible directions for co-operation with Finland in the field of research, training and joint projects (calls for proposals from the international programs Horizon Europe, Interreg, attracting funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Funds, etc.) were also discussed.

The members of the Finnish delegation were representatives of the Turku Science Park, the Turku University of Applied Sciences, the Regional Council of Southwest Finland, and the Municipality of Turku:
Juhani Soini, the vice-rector of Turku University of Applied Sciences
Juha ValtanenTurku University of Applied Sciences
Esa Tuomisto, City of Turku
Petteri Partanen, Regional Council of Southwest Finland
Vesa Erkkilä of Turku Science Park Ltd