LMA Quality Management System (QMS) was implemented in 2001 and nowadays meets the latest requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard

QMS maintenance and certification carried out by the certification company QMSCERT Q-CERT Ltd.

LMA QMS are accredited until 31 December 2024 in the field of maritime education and training

The Academy has been a member of the Lithuanian Quality Management Association LAQM since 2014.

Vision of the LMA. The LMA is a modern higher education institution that provides internationally recognized study programmes. In the Baltic region, it is the leader in the field of training specialists for the industry of maritime and inland water transport.

Mission of the LMA. To prepare highly qualified specialists of maritime and inland water transport industry for successful professional activities and careers in the national and international industries of water transport, basing studies, non-formal adult education and continuing professional training on maritime culture and traditions, while instilling respect for democratic values, responsibility, and leadership.

The QMS includes an organization’s environmental and operational risk register, which is updated annually to assess changes in the external and internal environment and new challenges for the LMA activities. 

Quality manual of LMA

LMA QMS process scheme

Organizational structure of LMA

For information:
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Rima Mickienė
Phone:  +370 46 397 253
E-mail: r.mickiene@lajm.lt

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