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According to the Lithuanian Government we are not allowed to accept more than 75% of your study subjects.

Those who have received their education in foreign institutions or according to the education programmes of international organizations are admitted to state-funded spots in accordance with the Description of the procedure for the competition for admission of persons who have received education in institutions of foreign countries or according to educational programmes of international organizations to state-funded study spots in higher education institutions approved by Order No. V-732 of the Minister of Education, Science, and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania of 23 May 2023.


Admission to the Lithuanian Maritime Academy is governed by the rules of admission. These rules are updated every year. LMA is authorized by the Minister of Education, Science, and Sports to carry out academic recognition of foreign qualifications for the purpose of studies.

Academic recognition means determining the value of a qualification in an academic sense, i.e. it is determined whether the qualification in essence meets the requirements for the corresponding qualification in Lithuania in the academic sense. The academic value of a qualification obtained abroad is assessed by comparing the foreign qualification with a qualification of a similar level provided in Lithuania according to the following criteria:

  1. Level,
  2. Content,
  3. Purpose,
  4. Scope (duration),
  5. Quality of learning (studies),
  6. Outcomes of learning (studies).


When applying for academic recognition of a foreign qualification at LMA, the Applicant (candidate):

1. Fills out the application for LMA to study in a foreign language;

2. Submit the following documents along with the application or by E-mail at passport; document certifying foreign qualification or other corresponding documents, e.g. certificate; diploma (temporary education documents may be provided at the initial stage, if the education process is not completed at the time of document submission or the document certifying the qualification is not issued immediately after graduation); annex(es) of the document certifying the foreign qualification or other corresponding documents (academic record of grades, records of grades or similar document must be in the original language. It must list all subjects, grades and credits and/or hours); other documents (if any) required for objective assessment of qualifications, confirming other education acquired by the applicant, explaining acquired qualifications or submitted education documents; taking into account the desired study programme(s), additional documents (English language proficiency certificate), that are not directly related to qualification assessment and recognition; document(s) certifying the change of name and/or last name, if education documents were issued under a different name and/or last name. All scans must be of original documents, clear, legible and in color. Scans that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.

3. Free form of the signed consent to contact the responsible institutions for the approval of the education document in English (consent text: To Lithuanian Maritime Academy (Lithuania) I agree that Lithuanian Maritime Academy will verify the authenticity and accuracy of the education documents I have provided. Lithuanian Maritime Academy has the right to contact competent institutions concerning my educational background).

All documents issued in languages other than English, Russian or Lithuanian must be accompanied by an official translation. Translation is not required for documents issued in English, Russian or Lithuanian. Applicants will not have to pay extra for academic recognition – this includes the application to study (admission fee). If there are suspicions that the submitted documents are fraudulent, the study application will not be considered.


The decision on academic recognition, made by the Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA), can be appealed by submitting an appeal to the Appellate Commission for the Recognition of Education and Qualifications Related to Higher Education and Acquired According to Educational Programmes of Foreign States and International Organizations established by the Centre for quality assessment in higher education, or to the administrative court of the Republic of Lithuania by submitting a complaint to the Administrative Court in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on Administrative Proceedings.

The appeal to the Centre for quality assessment in higher education is submitted within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the academic recognition decision from the Lithuanian higher education institution. The higher education institution must indicate the possibility of appealing the decision when issuing the decision made on the academic recognition.

The appeal must include the name of the commission to which the appeal is submitted, the name, last name, place of residence, E-mail address, contact phone number of the appellant, as well as the name and address, E-mail address, contact phone number of the representative, if there is one, name and address of the authorized higher education institution whose decision is being appealed, the decision that is being appealed, the circumstances on which the appellant bases his claim and the supporting evidence, a list of attached documents, if any, and the appeal drafting place and date. A copy of the decision on the academic recognition of the qualification under appeal is attached to the appeal.

The appeal is examined no later than within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the appeal and all necessary related documents.

Appeals can be submitted to:

Centre for quality assessment in higher education
Address: A. Goštauto st. 12, LT-01108, Vilnius, Lietuva
Phone: +37052104778, Fax: +37052132553


Number of academic recognitions performed (result – accepted for studies)37
Countries of qualificationsUkraine, India,

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