LMA plays one of the most important roles in creating the maritime state’s identity, nurturing maritime values in the field of international maritime training, promoting the development of society and education, as well as the breakthrough of science and innovation. The LMA community is a multicultural organization, whose members successfully form a strong international academic community. LMA has been participating in the Erasmus+ program since 2006. The successful implementation of international directions determines the improvement of the overall quality of LMA studies.

In the internationalization strategy approved on May 31, 2022, three priority internationalization directions were highlighted, and the involvement of LMA community members in their implementation prospects helps to carry out internationalization activities. The internationalization priorities and directions of LMA include conducting international studies, increasing partnerships with foreign higher education institutions and companies, and expanding the scope of academic exchanges and projects. The integration of internationalization factors into the content of study and research activities is carried out at LMA: international study programs have been started, academic mobility activities for staff and students are being implemented, and international cooperation is being increased in research and experimental development (R&D) activities.

The first direction is the provision of high-quality international studies, training highly qualified specialists in the maritime transport sector. The increasing number of international students and staff in all LMA study areas helps to increase the number of foreign partners and strengthen LMA’s international reputation.

The second direction is the promotion of strategic partnership and community. The strategic partnership community creates conditions for creating added value for LAIJM, achieving the best results in high-level scientific research, participating in the activities of the LMA scientific society, responding to changes in the economic, cultural, political, and social environment. The quality of research results and the need for new scientific research and discoveries encourage the LMA academic community to focus on research while also striving for research quality.

The third direction is the promotion of academic exchanges by increasing inclusiveness and diversity. By ensuring an attractive study environment, LMA seeks to attract more international students and provide the opportunity for all students to get acquainted with different cultures and enrich the content of their studies. This will ensure opportunities to train specialists needed to meet the needs of the international market, capable of adapting to different cultural environments, and education is one of the most important arguments for promoting academic exchanges.

Internationalization of studies at LMA is one of the factors of study quality. Internationalization is developed by implementing approved performance indicators, conducting international projects, encouraging professors and staff to gain experience abroad, acquiring international experience in training programs, attracting foreign students to study at LMA, implementing joint study programs, and ensuring the required level of foreign language proficiency for professors.

LMA internationalization strategy (LT)

The opportunities provided by LMA within the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (KA1) program, focusing on „Mobility of Higher Education and Student and Staff Mobility“ program projects, are presented here:

LMA Erasmus+ Key Action 2 (KA2) – „Cooperation among Organizations and Institutions“ program projects are presented here.

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