Empowering learning through Erasmus+ at LMA

From 25th to 29th March 2024, Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA) had the privilege of hosting Associate Professor Iryna Shvetsova from Kherson State Maritime Academy as part of the esteemed Erasmus+ program KA171 (2022). The program, renowned for its promotion of international collaboration and educational exchange, provided an invaluable opportunity for students and staff alike to engage in cross-cultural learning and share expertise in maritime education. One of the focal points of the Associate Professor’s visit was the exploration of innovative teaching methodologies aimed at empowering learning within higher education institutions. Through her sessions on „Empowering learning using active learning in higher education institutions“ participants were introduced to dynamic approaches that foster student engagement, critical thinking, and knowledge retention. By incorporating active learning strategies into their teaching practices, educators can create an inclusive and stimulating learning environment conducive to academic success.

Furthermore, Associate Professor Iryna Shvetsova delved into the intricacies of teaching and learning maritime English, recognizing its paramount importance in the maritime industry. Her insights shed light on effective strategies for enhancing language proficiency among maritime students, equipping them with the communication skills necessary for seamless collaboration and safe navigation at sea, etc. Overall, the Erasmus+ program at LMA served as a catalyst for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and professional development in the maritime education sector.

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