Erasmus+ | Incoming students

To take part in the Erasmus+ programme At LMA, you should contact the Erasmus+ coordinator at your home institution to express your interest

Lithuanian maritime academy (LMA) Erasmus+ institution code – LT KLAIPED06.

LMA International Relations Department
Address: I. Kanto str. 7, LT-92123 Klaipeda
Room: 207
Phone: +370 608 20140

Incoming students could choose 30 ECTS (for one semester) and 60 ECTS (for full academic year) course.


Autumn semester 30.09.2024 – 20.12.2024

Application deadlines – till 15 June

Study Course Catalogue for Autumn 2024

Spring semester 03.02.2025 – 16.05.2025

Application deadlines – till 15 November


Please prepare all necessary documents:

– Nomination form (could be used this presented form, any sending institution form or just email from the sending institution Erasmus+ Coordinator);

Nomination form

– Learning Agreement (we still use paper Learning Agreement form);

Learning Agreement

– Student’s travel passport (ID card acceptable only for EU citizens)

Please, send all documents to LMA Erasmus+ Coordinator


LMA provides dormitory to incoming Erasmus+ students

It is comfortable to stay at LMA dormitory because:

  1. It is in the center of Klaipėda town, near LMA;
  2. 12-store building, renovated, with elevator;
  3. Each floor has 6 residential units and a kitchen;
  4. The unit has 2 rooms – double and triple, separate shower cabin and WC;
  5. Each dormitory room has furniture for individual use (bed, table, chair, closet, and refrigerator);
  6. Free Wi-Fi is available;
  7. There are separate spaces for studying and leisure;


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