Scientific activity

LMA’s academic community, together with students, actively conducts applied scientific research in
the fields of technology and social sciences. This is carried out to obtain new knowledge, achieve
specific practical goals, or to solve problems. The main scientific activities are focused on the
solution of shipping problems, the use of alternative energy sources in shipping, the use of
advanced technologies in the logistics chain and ships, sustainable management of energy
resources, optimization of the logistics chain, psychosocial risk factors, etc. The obtained results of
the research are published in national and international scientific journals.


LMA has a scientific society, which is a voluntary association of members of LMA’s academic community (lecturers, students, and other employees) participating in applied scientific research and experimental development activities.


LMA staff actively carries out project activities in cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign
scientists, researchers, scientific and study institutions, national and international organizations in various fields, business entities operating in the maritime transport sector and other interested parties.

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