Teaching under Erasmus+ at Gdynia Maritime University: a cross-border educational exchange

On the 22nd and 23rd of April 2024, the Gdynia Maritime University hosted an enriching teaching exchange under the Erasmus+ program, featuring academic staff from the Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA). This initiative exemplifies the vibrant academic collaboration that the Erasmus+ program fosters among European educational institutions, promoting an invaluable exchange of knowledge and cultural insights in the maritime sector.

LMA Assoc. Prof. dr. Valdas Lukauskas, the esteemed Head of the study program Marine Engineering, shared his expertise and insights into the complexities of managing engineering projects within the maritime industry.

Arvydas Jankauskas, a seasoned lecturer in Marine Navigation, delved into critical navigational techniques. He focused on ship position monitoring using electronic equipment, providing students with hands-on experience and knowledge in cutting-edge navigational technology, etc.

The LMA and Gdynia Maritime University after a long break continue to uphold the values of the Erasmus+ program, fostering educational excellence and international cooperation. This teaching exchange is a perfect example of how academic institutions can work together to advance knowledge, enhance student learning outcomes, and bridge cultural gaps in the maritime world.

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